Thank you for amazing 30 anniversary year our listeners in Riga, Liepaja, China, Sweden..
And of course our great supporters and other who take a part in our daily creative and soundful life!
We will continue to celebrate every day what we can fulfilled with choral music and each other.
Have a vibrant season!

#BALSIS31 will start with concerts in VEF Culture Palace  on January 6 (TICKETS) and The Small Guild on January 18 (ENTRANCE FREE).

What do you get when you put together 40 talented and energetic young singers, a creative and persistent conductor, Ints Teterovskis, the River Daugava and the Latvian countryside? You get 17 inspired concerts in a range of uncommon and more familiar venues and gratified audiences, as well as some amazing experiences for the choristers and the author.

This was the final year that the Youth Choir BALSIS headed down the Daugava, this time finishing in Riga, with a flow-on effect to Stockholm, having started at the Belarus border seven years ago. As they travel along the Daugava, they stop to perform concerts on both sides of the river.


This year they braved all sorts of weather conditions, including winds that churned up the waters of the Daugava and dowsed the boats, driving rain which soaked all of the choristers and rolling waves that made them totter on the ferry crossing like teenage girls in their first pair of stilettos. Yet they don’t mind because they want to sing, they love Latvian choral music and they want to share this love, and they all revere the opportunity to take part in these trips and point out the joy that they experience when they perform in country venues. And it is all worth it, because when they stop and start to sing, the everyday recedes, their skill with harmonies, with musical dynamics takes hold of their audiences, delights them, sometimes challenges them (they have an impressive repertoire in a range of languages) but always leaves them wanting more. Audience members always tell me how pleased they are that the choir took the time to visit in their neck of the woods, that they haven’t been forgotten, that they enjoyed hearing favourites but also new pieces, that they appreciate the thought that has gone into creating unusual experiences an they value the opportunity to hear such superior concerts. 




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