A bridge to the song celebration. Next stop BRASA!

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The song and dance celebration has been an integral part of Latvian culture for 150 years. It is a story that has lasted a century and a half, from which many other stories have been derived, creating a space for cultural memory, the idea of maintaining tradition, the expression of identity and a sense of community. BALSIS youth choir, looking forward to the 150th anniversary of the Song and Dance Celebration, wants to draw attention to the intersection of culture and the urban environment, an inevitable part of the story of the song celebration.

The song celebration tram has become a legendary part of the festival as an envoy and one of the most popular means of transport to and from the song celebration venue in Mežaparks. Oral history contains countless memories of "singing trams", in which concert participants and listeners unite in common songs after the song celebration. Such is the power of song, along with the sense of community, which has created a new tradition.

On May 7, 2023, at 17.00, the youth choir BALSIS concert "Bridge to the Song Celebration" will be held in Brasa’s Bridge Square. The underpinning for this concert is the belief that the song celebration can be best appreciated when the listener recognises the songs being performed. The most popular "singing tram songs" of the song celebration will be performed. The program will be based on the outcome of Latvian "singing tram song" survey, which will take place from April 26 to May 2. ej.uz/ManaTramvajaDziesma

Participating in the concert will be: youth choir BALSIS, artistic director Ints Teterovskis; conductors Kamila Siliņa and Georg Zujevs; accordionist Ilze Reinholce; piano virtuosos Ieva Dzērve and Romāns Vendiņš. The "voice" of Riga public transport Artis Robežnieks will be the master of ceremonies. BALSIS choristers will be in folk costumes, and everyone will have to sing, including you! The lyrics will be available during the concert on this post.

Entry to the concert is free.

Commencing from May 7, cemetery.lv will have a map of the song celebration’s former principal conductors’ final resting places. The plan is for the final resting places of other personalities associated with the song celebration to be included on the website by the beginning of this year’s song celebration. 

The project is being carried out in cooperation with the Neighbourhood Residents'; Centre and the Latvian National Cultural Centre, with thanks to the Riga City Council and RKTMC "Mazā gilde" for their financial support.


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