On May 23 BALSIS will meet USA youth choir. Free Entry.

On May 23, 2017 at 7.00pm in the Great Hall (Lielajā Aula) of the University of Latvia, BALSIS Youth Choir will present a concert jointly with chorister from Purdue University in the USA. The TV serial Glee has stimulated interest amongst young people in American pop-culture. The Purdue Varsity Glee Club is one of the most prominent representatives of this music genre. We’ll hear traditional American songs, well-known Beatles tunes, as well as popular, contemporary choir, works. There’ll even be the chance to sing along.

The core of the program selected by conductor William Griffel will be contemporary American choir music, traditional songs, Beatles songs, popular arrangements of choral music and the Latvian folk song Es kara’i aiziedams (I. Ramiņš arrangement), which the choir has learned specifically for this concert. In turn, BALSIS will add to the musical kaleidoscope of the concert by singing the works of  Gall, Brahms, Sisask, etc.

The Purdue Varsity Glee Club male choir is composed of singers from a range of professions; astronaut, physicist, athlete, politician, cartoonist, environmental researcher, lawyer, landscape gardener, engineer, a diplomat who sings and composes, these are but a few. Even though none of the professions are directly related to the study of music, the choir has gained a reputation as a brilliant professional level choir, achieving amazing variety with, at times, eight-part harmonies.

In its almost 125 years of existence (the choir was established in 1893) this dynamic musical troupe has cultivated and staged a varied repertoire, which includes spiritual songs, vocal jazz standards, contemporary hits, romantic ballads, classical choral opuses, folk tunes, patriotic songs and well-known opera choruses. In order to improve upon every performance and engage an audience of various ages, the choir also sings is small groups and invites well-known soloists to join them.

Currently, the choir is on a concert tour, which includes Poland and the Baltics, getting to know the rich history and culture of these nations as well as performing alongside well-known ensembles from these countries.

Entry to the concert is free.

We are grateful for the support of SIA “LDZ CARGO” at this Latvian choral event.

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