Why exactly is the Youth Choir BALSIS travelling to Australia in February?

The obvious answer is that they are travelling to help launch the year of cultural activities which will lead up to the 58 th Australian Latvian Arts Festival in Sydney in 2020. But, That is not all! The Australian Latvian Arts Festivals are all about celebrating, enjoying and sharing insights into Latvian culture. For this reason it’s importanat that everyone has a chance to become acquainted with Latvian culture and the arts. For this reason BALSIS is also performing with Australian choirs at concerts specifically designed with Australian audiences in mind. In Sydney BALSIS will be joined by the Sydney Philharmonia Choir VOX and the Inner West Chamber Choir (IWCC). VOX is a youth choir, which is known for its inspiring performance of classical, popular and contemporary vocal work. IWCC sings contemporary, pop, gospel, traditional and folk music. Outstanding conductor and expert in Baltic choral music, Ints Teterovskis, has worked with IWCC previously. The three choirs will hold jint rehearsals and then perform on Saturday, February 1, at St Stephen’s Chorch, Newtown at 6.30pm. In Melbourne BALSIS will be performing by themselves, but in concerts geared for an Australian audience. One will bea pop-up event in the renowned State Libarary of Victoria at 5.00pm on Friday 7, February. The other will be at Tempo Rubato, with a program commencing at 8.00pm. In Adelaide BALSIS will perform at concert of sacred choral music in the Pilgrim Uniting Church, Friday 14, February at 7.00pm. One thing is clear, BALSIS will deliver very different programs within each concert, be that in Latvian or other concert settings, and it will be worth going to every one!

Ilona and Klāra Bruveris
Artistic Directors,
58 th Latvian Arts Festival in Australia

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