Music and Art
Development Fund „Balsis”

The mandate of the fund is to support activity in the community which is directed at the promotion of music, art, education and culture through supporting the choral movement in Latvia.

Main objectives of the fund are:
Providing organizational and financial support for the youth choir BALSIS through:

  • Organization of concerts, master classes and seminars;
  • Collaboration with international cultural institutions;
  • Provision of concerts, events and recordings arranged by the fund;
  • Provision of technical basis for funds materials;
  • Use of publishing rights to produce and publish sheet music, books, magazines as well as other printed materials;
  • Arrangement of various lotteries and games, as well as campaigns for financial self-support;
  • Organization of charitable events;
  • Organizational and financial management to ensure a sound systematic and financial foundation for reaching targets of the fund.


The fund was established on October 6, 1999. It was registered in the association and foundation register on March 31, 2005.

With the development of our new website, the fund would like to gather information with regards to choral music from our visitors and our community through discussion groups. This is another way in which the Music and Art Development Fund „Balsis” is trying to unite society for a common purpose (which is also the mandate of the fund) – through the promotion and development of choral music in Latvia.

Bank details:
Name:  Mūzikas un mākslas attīstības fonds "BALSIS"
Id. No.: 40008045456
Address: Plostu iela 24-45, Rīga, LV-1057
Acc. No.: LV70HABA0551044756885
Bank: Swedbank
Code: HABALV22

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